The It's Time To Unpack category was created as a platform to discuss, dissect and challenge societal norms and behaviors that affect humans on a daily and generational basis. In a world of greatness & despair, it's safe to say that we all could use a brain massage and safe spaces to analyze humanity and our societal progression. "Unpacking" is to self reflect on your role in not only your life, but in the world around you. Communication can end any war and heal any relationship, it's time to unpack.

The Multilayers of Black Femme Identity: Part 1

Spirituality & Sex

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The Burden Of

Femininity: Part 1

All families are widely different, but one thing most baby children hear, is how beautiful they are or will be. Though I believe we are all created beautiful in God’s image, this passage is going to dissect the beauty standards set for women and the lack of security women have when their beauty causes unwanted attention. Feminists, organizations, students, and social clubs have spoken out against sexual abuse for hundreds of years. Though many conversations have erupted around rape, sexual assault, and misogyny, the value placed on female beauty and innate attraction to male counterparts is rarely discussed as a psychological factor. It seems obvious, men are attracted to women, but at what point does it go from attraction to obsession and that obsession leads to disrespect and harm. As mature humans we should be able to understand that the mentality of physical and sexual abuse start from their understanding of women, sex, and power. It is not plausible to insist the time of night, location, wardrobe or career profession as to how unconsented sex and abuse happens. In 2016, Al Jazeera announced over 34,000 cases of rape was reported across India, stating that 95.5% of victims knew their abusers. India is a country where women pride themselves on modesty and also one of the highest populated countries of Islamic faith. While in the U.S. the conversation always resorts to a woman’s choice of fashion, lack of faith, language, and kindness which may allure her sexual intentions with people she encounters. Therefore, in a country where most women are covered in garb from head to toe, that theory is not valid. My country is very fearful of change and the media hasn’t put in much effort to acknowledge the societal standards set in place is not healthy nor realistic for a positive human experience. Through this series, I wish to bridge those gaps of male ego theory, female body exploitation, the law of attraction, and healthy communication. This is a heavy topic and it may cause some people to feel triggered. The goal is to move closer towards understanding, healing, and compassion.
The burden of femininity begins for most women before she hits puberty, before her feminine breasts and hips start to develop. For some women, our burden began when men were present during our moments of nakedness or expression.

Colorful Children Dealing With Mental Health : Part 1

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"A lot of people resist transition and therefore never allow themselves to enjoy who they are. Embrace the change, no matter what it is; once you do, you can learn about the new world you're in and take advantage of it."
- Nikki Giovanni