This is my safe space where I share my thoughts, ideas, opinions that are solely based upon my experiences. This is a free thinking space, to be open and nonjudgmental. Everything on this page is originally written by the Editor in Chief, Nakira G.

His Name Was Mr. Capital Ism,

Her Name Was Ms. S. Lavery

He said, if you let me love you, you'll never have to work
She silenced her thoughts before replying
When love comes your way, you either give or take
So he took.
And he took, without asking. And he took, without consent.
He watched her bleed, until his grip forced her to commit
As she gasped for air, she said, okay....I love you
He smiled.
He knew he won a fortune greater than her words.
When they say love conquers all, they forgot to mention the love of war.
The love of hate.
She was conquered by love.
A love she thought she knew. A love she thought she could trust.
He told her would put her face on a piece of paper, the most valuable thing in the world.
Funny how language works, they never understood each other.
Spoke different tongues, expressed separate dialects.
Their love was all they knew.
Love was all they felt.
Love conquered all.
It won the hearts of many, with a smile and a promise of a penny.
Copper coins and silver medals handed to the lovers who loved her
He promised her the heaviest of necklaces, so heavy she couldn't move.
Swept the shackles off of her feet & praised her.
Praised her so high, she bells rung simultaneously.
Ringing over the screams, no one heard her dying yells.
Her family awaited her arrival.
They heard so much about the man who loved
Patient, they looked down at sea.


When A Woman

Knows What

She Wants


It's like the world is in a state of shock
And earthquakes of egotism fall out
What happens when a woman knows she want a life
Where she does not become a wife
And her being is not buried nor put in the spotlight
When she becomes the image of her dreams
And lives exactly what she's seen
Her eyes are like marble reflections
Of the galaxy she feel from
She looks up to the sky, to greet her
Mother and father
Blessing her endlessly
What happens when a woman knows that she bleeds with imperfection
While freeing the mind of the young and the reckless
Suffering from deception
Ignoring information about their creator
She feels her energy shifting
Flying north to south, east to west
Gliding through those who say all but hear less
What happens when a woman knows
What she was taught was meant to destroy her
And build her up out of plastic and foreign fluids
Only to satisfy the likeness of aliens who fall short to their. own reflections
If I look in the mirror and I don't see you
Only one of us have to be quiet
She knows she has the power to control the moods and moons
Her flow is like the moon's glow
If only she knew then what she knows now
That her world is the world
And if she gives up on it then it gives up on her
The big bangs of thrusts
Turn in to incubations
Of a new nation
Whose legacy is meant to be divine
She knows...
She knows she holds the crown of what water and fire create when the earth and wind are on double dates
Heaven's greatest prophecy