In 2016, Naked Gold was created by Nakira Glasgow as an Instagram personality and brand. Starting out as a beauty influencer, Nakira continued to focus on culture, business, and entrepreneurship. Now, Naked Gold Online is expanding into an editorial site, consumer products and pop up shops. Nakira G. operates as Editor-in-Chief to Naked Gold Online, creator of Naked Gold products and sole participant of Naked Gold Pop Up services.
Naked Gold Online was established to implement a digital platform for readers and consumers who are seeking a more fruitful experience while online. The vibe of NGO is not underground, but above ground. Being above surface level, yet deep in contextual content. As a live website, visit us for updated information and articles. Share your favorite pieces with your social community and feel free to comment on any discussion pieces. As users of the digital era, information is translated into many mediums of communication and it is becoming one of the most accessible ways to connect with other species of mankind. NGO welcomes people from all backgrounds and walks of life. No journey is turned away. It is encouraged for contributors and submissions interests to provide original content and content that fits the description of the NGO brand. Become a NGO supporter today!

The space where mainstream news & over saturated information does not exist! A space where the unpopular opinion of both popular and unpopular topics thrive!

Here is my goal checklist:

  • Recruit like-minded individuals to participate in Naked Gold Online as contributors, partners service providers.
  • Maintain a Global impact.
  • Provide a platform for the misrepresented, underrepresented and well deserved communities all over the world.
  • Partner with brands, artists, creators and companies that support NGO.

To check out more of my services, go to www.nakedgoldonline.foliodrop.com